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Choosing A Cat for Adoption

October 11th, 2015

What do you have to seek for during a cat? Of the thousands on the market for adoption, however can you decide on one from among the fabulous feline faces? Before you begin trying, place confidence in the characteristics you prefer during a cat. Consider:

1) temperament. A cat that approaches you and makes eye contact is sometimes a decent bet. A friendly, outgoing temperament is desired by most pet house owners, however some folks like a cat that’s less strict.
2) Age. though kittens ar lovely, they will be one or two. Kittens ar active and need some coaching. many folks value more highly to adopt mature cats that ar trained and relaxed.
3) Breed or kind. If you are doing not prefer to groom, don’t get a hirsute cat. All cats would like grooming, however longhairs need further brushing.
4) Healthy. everybody desires a cat that’s work, however don’t overlook the cat that has recovered from AN health problem. typically the care the cat is given to combat the health problem makes the cat stronger in
the long-standing time, and therefore the handling throughout treatment will create the cat easier to handle reception.

Shelter personnel ar trained to guage animals; consult them for his or her opinions of the cats they need on ahnd. generally it’s best simply to attend for the correct cat to come back on.

The age of technology has arrived to serve the sphere of animal welfare. Cat adoptions are completed via the airwaves, expedited by tv. Our cable network in CA airs a terrific program, The Pet Place, that options cats and dogs from native animal shelters. this chance to show on the market cats and dogs has enabled our shelters to put many necessitous animals in marvellous homes.

Our native ABCs affiliate occassionally options adoptable pets. native talk-shoes ar natural ways that to showcase the marvellous animals anticipating homes to decision their own. additionally to conjugation the lucky, featured pets, these shows offer an even bigger service-they signalise to the requirement for accountable pet possession.

Seeing homeless cats ought to be AN incentive for neutering and sterilisation the Fuffies and Pumpkins of our neighbourhoods. we rely upon this thought media coverage of pet problems to enhance the long run for all animals. Of course, the simplest message detected from the broadcasts is that marvellous animals would like homes, and therefore the shelter is that the place to seem for a cute cat.

Your native animal shelter will open the door to future happiness. Your enthusiasm for changing into a pet owner might cause you to impatient, however before you head for the closest humane society, fastidiously examine your call.

Cat Beds

October 11th, 2015

Cats and dogs pay lots of their time sleeping therefore a cushty bed is incredibly vital. Cats prefer to be terribly snug once they ar sleeping therefore obtaining them a cat bed which will keep them heat could be a sensible day. Heated cat beds is found right here, with a click of your mouse.

If you’re searching for a a lot of ancient cat bed then why not contemplate a wicker cat bed. Wicker cat beds ar nice for cats, they provide required support, in addition as comfort for size. A window cat bed is additionally nice, then your cat will lie idly within the sun in its cat bed searching the window. sill cat beds take into thought the cat’s curiosity.

If your cat is certainly a aristocrat or patrician then by all means that a flowery cat bed or a designer cat bed is certainly what your cat wants. If you’ve got multiple cats then look into obtaining a cat bunk for them to share, or a cat bed tree. Cats prefer to be shut and share with alternative cats this can offer them the chance.

If your cat keep outside most of the time then look into obtaining your cat an outside cat bed or a cheep cat bed that you simply will replace each few months. Discount cat beds are nice for this reason. do not forget to think about pet bedding for your cat bed.

It is vital to recollect that as a result of cats do shed, a washable¬† cat bed is incredibly vital to assist keep the cat dander and cat hair to a minimum in your house. Another sensible concepts it to possess 2 cat beds (even if you merely have one cat) this can make sure that you wash your cat bed frequently as a result of you recognize that there’s continually a clean one waiting to require its place.

What ever your vogue in addition as your cats wants get the bed that’s right.

Motorcycle Pet Carrier Dangers and How to Avoid Them

October 11th, 2015

Pet travel is a great way to enjoy the open road on your motorcycle with your four-legged friend. But traveling with pets should never be without precaution. Certain motorcycle pet carriers can pose a threat to your pet’s life and your own. Let’s explore several potential dangers of motorcycle dog carriers or cat carriers and how you can avoid them.

Pet Squirming, Falling, and Jumping while Traveling

Most pets – dogs and cats alike – are prone to squirm, jump, and pace while traveling. They don’t realize the potential dangers of moving around and often try daring feats without warning. It’s up to you as a pet owner to ensure your pet’s safety at all times.

Motorcycle pet carriers that are held against your body with secure straps, such as pet travel chest pouches, will usually give and move as your pet moves. Unfortunately, when the pet begins to squirm, this can be a distraction to you as a driver or to your passenger if the pet is being held by someone in the motorcycle’s passenger seat. A chest pouch can also become an annoyance in itself. It can become uncomfortable and very hot after a while, leaving both you and your pet feeling trapped and exhausted.

Another pet carrier that poses threats is the pet carrier bag that attaches to your motorcycle and secures your pet on a leash in front of the driver (between the knees) and allows the pet to stand while riding. This is a popular method for those who want to “show off” their pet while riding slowly in a parade or motorcycle rally, but it’s not a safe choice for fast speeds on the open highway. The dog can easily lose his footing and slip off the motorcycle. This could hang him before you can reach out to save him. It can also distract you while driving when the dog moves around. This endangers you, your pet, your passenger, and others driving on the same highway.

With either of these types of motorcycle pet carriers, your pet will likely get hurt badly or killed if a serious accident occurs.

Other Dangers when Accidents Occur

Sturdy pet crates are the safest products to use for pet travel on motorcycles. But keep in mind, that the pet crate is only as good as its protective covering and mounting security. Pet crates that are not built solid will not endure a strong impact on pavement. If the pet crate gives, your pet may not survive. Also, if the pet crate cannot be mounted securely on your motorcycle, find one that will!

Pet crates and other pet carriers can also pose a threat to your pet’s health if they contain dangerous protruding objects or screws on the interior, an insecure cage door, or improper ventilation.

Avoid Potential Dangers of Pet Travel

You can avoid these potential dangers by choosing a motorcycle pet carrier that is durable and has all the safety features needed for a comfortable, secure ride. Your pet should have plenty of room to move around within the pet crate, and plenty of ventilation for fresh air. The pet carrier should be mounted with secure bolting, and it should be made of hard plastic that can withstand direct hits on pavement.

If you enjoy other methods of transportation such as scooters or bikes, find a pet carrier that can be used for any method of travel. There are scooter dog carriers and bicycle pet carriers available that will also attach to motorcycles. You can go online to compare pet carriers and find a high-quality one that will meet your needs.

Some Steps to Follow While Searching a Pet Veterinarian

October 11th, 2015

Choosing a pet veterinarian is such a thing that people generally overlook at the proper time. However, for the well being of your pet, it is really necessary to go to the pet doctors at the right time. Actually people generally visit at the pet clinic when the situation actually becomes complicated. Good vets actually help the pet when they are in complicated situation. However, it is always important to visit the pet clinic at the very first moment, long before when you actually need them.

There might be so many pet veterinarians that are good at different fields. However, your ultimate aim should be on finding someone who is just good to improve your pet’s health and who can treat your pet affectionately when they feel ill. It is a guarantee that if you go for the proper pet doctors at the right time your pet dog or cat will live a healthy life. So the first step of choosing a vet is to start with passion.

The second step is to earn recommendation from the people you trust. People who have already visited the pet doctors and have used their service can guide you to the best vet. So taking suggestions from them can always be helpful for you.

After you manage to get some details about the local pet doctors, start making an appointment with them. You must meet the pet veterinarian and their staffs. When you will visit the clinic physically, be careful to check out the cleanliness of the place, the environment, and of course the persons to whom you are going to transfer your pet. During a brief tour you can also ask the pet veterinarian some important questions about his or her specialization etc. you can also check whether they only provide treatment or whether they have kennels or not. The area where you will let your pet to be treated should be clean and clear. That is why it is necessary to check out the cleanliness of the place.

At the same time you should also check out whether the staffs of the clinics are friendly or not. Although your pets are treated by the pet doctors nut it is true that if they don’t feel free with the staffs, they can never get the comfort during the treatment. You can also check out whether the veterinarians are connected with any other professional organization or not and if they provide emergency service or not.

During the days there is one other technique that you can use regarding the choosing of your vet. You can now go to the veterinarian directory. The vet directory is a platform where you can search the pet doctors by putting the keywords and the locations. The veterinary directory actually lists the pet clinics. You can also find reviews on the pet clinics.

Buy cat food on discount using coupons

October 11th, 2015

Cat meals are becoming more expensive every year which has resulted in many cat owners using coupons to save money. The more cats you have, the more money you’re going to need in order to meet all their needs. It’s really very easy to spend less by using all the available coupons when doing shopping and you can get these promotion coupons from various websites which list cat food coupons.

Most people would say that it is much easier to own a cat than it is to own a dog. That seems like a wrong idea. When it comes to conduct, kittens and cats are simpler to handle than a pup because the latter is always energetic and distressed. We all know that pets eat almost any meals you provide them with but kittens and cats are definitely fussy when it comes to the food you feed them. Maybe it’s simply in their nature, is your cat like this? If you have been considering changing the cat meal brand because of high prices, put that on hold if you haven’t been using coupons to get discounts. Most cat food brands have coupons which have high savings for all customers. It is important to feed your cat the best meals possible since it ensures that they develop properly while enjoying a delicious meal.

With the current economic depression, many people a looking to save on almost anything that they buy. Many people are out of jobs and it’s becoming more stressful owning a pet with needs you have to consider just like the rest of the family. One of the simplest tips on how to do this is by using cat food coupons to reduce the cost price of the product you’re buying. Having a pc which has internet access puts you ahead of many other people looking for at cat coupons. Its way much simpler looking for coupons online than it is paging through newspapers and magazines.

To use these coupons all you have to do is print them from the internet and hand them over to the cashier before you pay for you items so you can get the discount. There is no better way to reduce the cost of taking care of your cat. If you keep colleting these cat food coupons, you will see a significant change in the amount of money you save the more you use these coupons.

Questions and Answers About Cat Health

October 11th, 2015

Cats make wonderful pets, and can be a great addition to your family. If you are a cat owner, however, it is very important that you learn about the health of your feline friend and that you make sure you are doing everything in your power to keep your cat healthy. Cats need regular medical care, just like people do, and they can get sick just like people can. This means that you should learn how to take care of your cat and you should learn about the signs and symptoms of some common problems in order to be sure that you are giving your cat the very best care possible. To get you started on being a good cat owner, here are a few questions and answers about cat health.

1: Should I declaw my cat?

This is a question that new cat owners sometimes ask, especially as they see their cat tearing into the sides of furniture to have a good scratch. In general, this decision should not be taken lightly. Declaw is an amputation of the last segment of the toe, so there is some significant degree of discomfort associated with this procedure.

Most veterinarians will advise trying scratching posts and engaging in play with the kitty as much as possible to try to avoid scratching behavior and in turn avoid the procedure. In many cases, cats will not develop the itch to scratch furniture or other valuable surfaces when given an alternative, especially when presented at a young age.

If all fails and it comes down to declaw or the kitty must go, then be certain to find a veterinarian who is proactive and vigilant about peri-operative and post-operative pain management. Ideally if you can find a veterinarian who declaws by cutting laser, post-op recovery tends to be less traumatic and healing times are faster using such a device.

2. Should I allow my cat to be an indoor/outdoor cat?

While every family has to make this decision on their own, there are a number of risks associated with allowing your cat to be an outdoor cat. Diseases including FIV can be contracted through contact with infected animals and your cat may become the prey of coyotes or other animals that wish it harm. Keeping your cat in your home can be a far better choice to ensure your cat’s safety.

3. Does my cat need vaccines?

Cats should be vaccinated against common and dangerous medical conditions including rabies, feline leukemia, herpes virus, calicivirus, and panleukomenia [herpes, calici, and panleukopenia typically come bundled in one vaccine]. A commercial FIV [feline immunodeficiency virus] is commercially available, but it has overwhelmingly been rejected by the veterinary community as ineffective. Vaccine protocols and vaccines chould only be taylored and administered by a licensed veterinarian.

4. Why is my cat coughing up hairballs?

Your cat licks himself or herself as part of his/her grooming routine. In some cases, this can lead to your cat coughing up hairballs or to your cat vomiting up hairballs. You can help to resolve this problem in some cases by having your cat regularly brushed (especially if your cat’s fur is becoming matted or knotted) and by feeding your cat food that is designed to help with hairballs.

5. Why is my cat spraying urine?

Cats spray urine in order to mark their territory. While this behavior is normal- especially in multi-cat households, it is not to be encouraged. Try to minimize or eliminate the stress in your cat’s environment and be sure to clean up all marking sprays thoroughly to avoid future spraying. Do not use ammonia-based products when cleaning up urine, as the ammonia can have a smell similar to urine and cause your cat to mark again. Search through responsible Cat Breeders on Pickapaw

Grooming Different Parts Of Your Pet Cat

October 11th, 2015

In order to keep your pet cat clean, healthy and happy, it is necessary to properly groom it and provide it the best facilities available. Apart from brushing, bathing and cleaning its ears and teeth regularly, you should look for ways to keep it satisfied all the time. To do this, you can purchase the different types of pet products available in online, including pet food, furniture, carrying cases, apparel, collars, leashes, harnesses, crates, health supplies, toys, tick and flea control and watering and feeding supplies.

A large number of people are making use of Internet to purchase all sorts of cat grooming items through which they are able to save a lot of time and money. You will be surprised to see the options available on these sites which are not usually found in a local pet store. This facility can be extremely useful for you if you are residing in a rural area and do not have access to a good quality pet store. Apart from that, shopping cat grooming supplies through Internet also gives a lot of convenience for the customers as they do not need to give an extra trip to the pet store and they can also shop online at any time of the day, at their own convenient time and place.

Another advantage of buying cat accessories through Internet is that because of extreme competition in the online market, most of the products available are much cheaper than those available at a real pet store. Many websites also offer special discounts and gifts to people who regularly purchase from them. The process of shopping online is so hassle free and ease that you will love to order more and more stuff through the Internet and will completely forget about visiting your nearby store.

Coat: The coat of a cat needs brushing regularly and for that you can purchase a brush or a grooming glove from an online pet store. Some combs are also able to remove ticks and fleas from the cat’s coat, thus giving a double advantage to the buyers. Although it is not necessary to bath your cat daily, you can use a special shampoo to bath it every now and then.

Claws: Sharp is the best word to describe a cat’s claws and they need grooming almost every 2 weeks so that your body and your furniture does not get scratched brutally. Apart from other cat grooming supplies, there are nail clippers especially designed for a cat and it is not wise to use a clipper that is meant to clip human nails.

Teeth: It is a very good practice to brush your cat’s teeth regularly. There are tooth brushes and also tooth pastes especially designed for cats. Tooth pastes designed for humans can be very harmful for your cat and that is why it is necessary to purchase the one for your cat from an online store.
All these practices of cat grooming and good hygiene not only make your cat feel better but also look good.

Pros and Cons of Getting a Pet Cat – Cat Enclosures Plans

October 11th, 2015

Cats are also more conscious with their body than dogs. They clean their body on their own using its tongue. They comb out dirt and dust particles on its body by licking their and wetting their paws and wiping that moistened paws on its body. This is one good attitude you can find among cats, they are usually independent but caring to their person.

<u>5. Exercise Room-</u> Are you carrying a little extra weight around these days? OR are you just dreading the hassle and expense of crowded super gyms? Instead, Why not choose to create a space in your home for exercising that you will actually enjoying using? Sunrooms are a great way to use exercise equipment in your home with out interfering in your normal living space. Homeowners enjoy the ability to feel like they are having an outdoor workout, while enjoying the comforts of indoor heating, cooling and privacy. Many parents also love the flexibility it gives to get a daily workout in, all the while being able to keep the kids in sight at all times in the backyard.

Another cat behavior problem is that of your cat soiling your home with her urine and poop. It’s the natural behavior of cats to mark their territory and getting a litter box and training a kitten from the start to use it is one of the most important things any new cat owner should do.

The following is a list of questions that you should think about first before you run out and get a new kitten or cat.

<u>2. Guest Room-</u> More and more, families are looking for a convenient yet attractive way to accommodate overnight guests. Instead of putting your family and friends in a cramped office or in the middle of the living room, a sunroom can double as a leisure room during the day and easily be converted into a comfortable guest bedroom at night with the use of a day bed. You will find this a welcome alternative to adding a conventional, single purpose bedroom to your home.

<u>1. Leisure Room-</u> Many homeowners want a sunroom so they can use it as a breakfast/sitting area. These rooms are the perfect space for drinking your morning coffee and reading the paper. Specially designed to include cable and electrical outlets, homeowners can enjoy a quiet place to read, watch TV, or just enjoy the scenery.

Owning and breeding pets inside your house is a serious task. Giving them food and drink is not enough. If you want to make sure you raise them properly, you have to give them what they really need like giving them proper healthy means, attitude training and of course proper hygiene.

Most cats will get along great together, but before placing more than one cat alone in cat enclosures, make sure they do in fact enjoy being together. An enclosure can make a cat very happy, but not if they don’t like the company they’re with. You’ll find most enclosures come in easy-to-assemble kits, but you can also hire a handyman to put them together if you’re not comfortable.

Cats that have been declawed should not be allowed to stay outdoors, unless you put them inside a proper enclosure. Allowing your cats to stay outdoors is exposing them to some sort of risks; they can easily get hurt by other bigger animals, struck by a car, poisoned by common pesticides, etc. They can also be exposed to other feline illnesses that are endemic in most stray cat populations.

<u>7. Plant Room-</u> So many homeowners are finding it increasingly difficult to care for their plants in our ever changing and dramatic Texas climate. A 3 season or year-round sunroom is the perfect alternative to constantly having to move, cover or throw away dead plants. You will find that having the beauty of all your favorite plants indoors provides for a healthy and easy way to bring the outdoors in.

Cats are one of the cutest and most lovable pets that anyone can have. However many pet owners rush into getting a kitten without first understanding cat behavior and what they can do to help their pets settle into their homes with minimal damage. If they are not trained properly, a loving kitten can soon turn into a little terrorist. Is your cat destroying your precious sofa, jumping all over your kitchen and knocking down your expensive vases? Does she poop on your bed? If so, read on.

If you can answer the above questions in a positive manner, then buying a new furry friend is for you!

Pet Cat Insurance: Deciding on If it Will certainly be capable of assist you to and your latest Feline

October 11th, 2015

To make sure, cats create wonderful household pets. They are available straight into each of our everyday life and turn close friends as well as precious buddies. For several cat experts that they can changed into an exclusive section of the family members. They are ever present on of the question space, using the genuine chair in addition to tempting people house yearning a few perform time along with a take care of many of us have of these the particular pet cat insurance. We like to the very own kittens and cats and they also enjoy all of us last their very own specific implies.

Your cats reveal much to we all and we can not image something taking place for many years.

Most of us provide these nutritious foods as well as treats, permit them to have some fun gadgets to experience employing and look at these given that they broaden in the energetic cat in order to lovable, serious kitten. All of us commit the periods and times making the most of a single another’s organization with no genuinely being concerned regarding one thing unanticipated taking place.We now have always received kitties regarding. We’d been recently your current content people who just love 4 felines as much as year ago. We now have a couple of cats and also cats now. The specific unpredicted took place to all folks. Sadly many of us wasn’t prepared since we all thought our felines have been nicely protected, effectively cherished in addition to is likely to constantly remain balanced.When they grew to become ill, that ended up too far gone. The things they received became untreatable even so most of us tested out at any rate with the final i was actively playing a tremendous Canine medical practitioner invoice with no felines and pet cats. Your losing associated with two felines and also pet cats turned into tough adequate as well as the Veterinarian program charges only formulated the situation.

If we skilled Pet Cat Insurance whenever they handling almost everything easier offering us all one particular even less key to bother about. Do you think a great Pet Cat Insurance insurance coverage for the pet cats would have been a help to most of us? Almost certainly.

Proprietors in which very much appreciate as well as sustain their particular cats along with kittens and cats should look into buying a kitten health care insurance policy or maybe the consequently may well pet cat insurance. However which are the advantages? Would it be something you must have to prevent getting the ditto that happened for you to us all, take place?Many people built a number of thoughts which usually helped most of us choose whether or not obtaining Pet Cat Insurance would most likely gain people and also the A couple of staying cats. Most of these concepts may help you have the similar selection to meet your requirements together with your felines.

Let’s consider Long lasting Advantages of Pet Cat Insurance?
According to the program you choose the fee might seem way too high as a way to warrant acquiring Pet Cat Insurance. It could be advisable to location a few cash aside regarding problems. It’s an more price from you nonetheless it will most likely pay out by itself at a later date in the future. You can even consider it being an excellent expenditure inside of security, safety together with wellness within your pet.Like several insurance plan, pet cat insurance is a thing you may want however perform we do hope you never need to make use of. It’s rather a preemptive calculate that one could take into account taking in the start inside your pet cats residing to enable you to handle just about any unlucky cases, thats liable to bring individuals to our own upcoming stage.

Throughout the length of time am i allowed to purchase Medical insurance for our cat?
It’s seldom past too far offering the cat are at health. Typically it’s best to search for virtually any program as soon as your pussy-cat is really healthy along with small. Using this method it’s possible to a lot more difficult to get better at concerning pet cat insurance to find an idea that works ideal for your requirements.In the event you obtain an insurance you can rest assured by which it doesn’t matter what occurs, your personal cat could possibly get the care they really want regularly. In terms of illness, or possibly a car wreck, you know that your existing kitten can get the very best medical assistance. Getting insurance plan on your pet may also supply confidence if you know your pet remains safe and secure.

Just what acquire does it have to offer cat masters?
feline insurance policies provides budgetary defense for many feline professionals and health defense for his or her felines and kittens and cats. Everybody is able to rest much better at night realizing that they don’t really need to be concerned the maximum amount relating to abrupt jolts that will undoubtedly bring about large Dog doctor costs.Funds decreases of an issue with the right insurance policies and you will probably concentrate somebody fascination with your current kitty. In the deal be capable of behave without having hesitation and obtain your overall kitty for your Experts rapidly for rapidly medical help.

Will probably be pet cat insurance worth the price?
Obtaining a pet medical health insurance plan is a good idea from the monetary standpoint. It isn’t really additionally obvious initially even so Animal medical practitioner costs may add high and be expensive. When you purchase a cat medical insurance strategy, you’re defending your self inside high-risk about virtually any unwelcome debt.Without pet cat insurance on your cat funds could become one of the numerous selecting factors when selecting the best medical treatment to your cat. In anticipation of having the money handy you might run into troubles in the event you just do n’t need strategy to your current kitten?

Obtaining pet cat insurance for a kitten could be the way of indicating your passion for your canine good friend via taking care of his / her well-being.Pet cat insurance could effectively decrease the majority of cash considerations regarding delivering care for your feline. Depending on your individual kitty’s insurance coverage you may not be worried about spending a greater high quality.There are various cheap insurance to your puppy strategies obtainable available on the market you can in addition be aware of in an insurance policies. Ensure you would you research the best it is possible to together with acknowledge each one of the features in front of deciding on in the event that pet insurance will manage to benefit every individual included.

How to Stop Your Pet Cat From Scratching – Cat Scratch Poles

October 11th, 2015

Let’s face it: our cats are not just fluffy, adorable and harmless creatures. They are also ferocious predators, beautiful and strong felines related to the lion, the tiger and the leopard. Even if during history cats became our friends and companions, they didn’t lose their innate instincts.

To summarize, you should get your cat at least one scratching post, or cat tower as a solution to its scratching needs. There is nothing wrong with having more than one especially if you have more than one cat as I have found. The most durable and suitable scratching material I have found is the sisal rope wrapped furniture. If you match your tree color to your cat you will spend less time cleaning it.

As a last resort try squirting them with a water spray or clapping your hands loudly and saying ‘NO’ in a firm voice when you catch them in the act.

– Pleasure… Cats scratch because it feels good!

The bad news is that if you’ve just got a cat the chances of him leaving your furniture alone are low, however if you buy him a cat scratching post and teach him to use it damage to your household furniture should be limited.

First you need to offer an alternative so buy a scratching post. Cats love the carpet-like texture and will enjoy using it therefore you are not removing the pleasure of scratching for your cat.

Cats appreciate respect, not only love and affection. If you treat your cat with consideration and respect her natural needs, she will see you as a true friend and your relationship will considerably improve. There is a huge difference between cats and dogs. While dogs can easily be trained, cats are more independent and stubborn. Don’t force your cat to do something (scratch the new post, for example) and don’t punish her when she refuses to do as you say. She will not understand you and her behavior will become even worse!

One other consideration might be the color you choose for your cat tree. For the most part the only two considerations will be to either match the cat tower to your decor or to your cat. If you choose the latter, your cat, you will spend less time cleaning because the hair that your cat sheds will blend in better with the fabric. You can also buy cat furniture to only match your home decor. This may cause you to clean your cats furniture more often due to unsightly hair.

Alright so you might not be able to train a cat to roll over or shake hands like a dog can but through perseverance you can train your cat to do certain things!

You’re in good company, this is a problem that has been discovered by millions of cat owners. The good news is that there is a solution. It’s not punishing him and it is not de-clawing him as some would make you believe.

The simple answer is no. You don’t need a tree if you don’t mind your cat scratching and clawing up other potentially valuable furniture and/or carpeting. Most cats develop routines where they have their favorite places and items to work their claws on. If you haven’t provided your kitty with a scratching solution then you can’t be mad at him or her for following its natural instincts to scratch and claw.

Try covering the area with tin foil since cats don’t like the feel of this.